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As of March 2003 I have successfully accomplished another of my personal goals and I am now the proud owner of a Lotus Esprit S4s.

Friends will know that previous to this car I owned a Toyota Celica GT4 which was a previous personal goal of mine, and a very nice car. After 6 years it was time to change and try for the next level. The Lotus is a lovely step up in performance and styling for me.

Where the Celica was aggressive looks and brute force image the Lotus is sleek and sporty.
The Celica was tamed power and fairly civilised, the Lotus is like unleashing the wailing banshee and no compromise to performance.

First thing most people ask is what does it go like... so far I have been relatively restrained in the car until I get it properly serviced and checked out by Lotus dealer next week so can only give you the official Lotus details.

Location: Longitudinally mid-mounted
Cylinders: four, in-line 2.2 litre
Valve gear: dohc, four valves per cylinder
Turbocharger: Garrett T3 .63 with 0.60 Compressor, watercooled with integral wastegate.
Power: 300 bhp/7000rpm
Torque: 290 lb ft/3600 rpm
Fuel: unleaded, 95 RON

0-60 mph: 4.6 sec
0-100 mph:11.4 sec

Stats from LotusEspritWorld

I am looking into the history on my car but not sure how much I will find but it is a 1995 S4s model. This model was only built from 1995 to 1996 and was the last of the powerful 4 cylinder cars before the V8 Esprit was launched. The 2 litre GT3 was available until 1998 but that had only 240 Bhp (Only !!!).
From a little research on production numbers on this model only about 330 in total where built. 150 or so went to the USA and about 50 to some more to other countries. So this is a fairly rare beast on the UK roads today.

As I make changes and do work on the car I will add to this page but don't expect it to be updated too quickly.

Ok now for a few pictures. (Click to enlarge)

Morning after getting home with the lady.
First day at home already washed it.(Cleanest it will be for a while)
Sunny day at Mark's is an ideal photo op.
What most other drivers will see.
Full frontal including air brakes =8-)

My ugly mug spoiling the cars good looks but I was forced.

Mark wondering how a big 6ft blond is going to get in..

Not really what I had in mind

Some pictures especially for Vincent Trouilliez
Visit Vince's site at
Don't worry Vince you will be able to take your own pictures in your
BRG SE baby, keep the faith..

Your old haunt I believe


Hope thats the right road
The Ind Est you used to work at ??
A favorite test area. (Dont tell BiB's)