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General Repairs Carried out

Below is a list of the repairs so far carried out and those outstanding and awaiting either opportunity or money to rectify.

There are a few known issues and defects which over time will be corrected, some of these are small paint issues wear and tear and non critical items. I am able to live with many of these as they are a natural consequence of this being an everyday car that will do a lot of mileage. Most will be corrected in due course but not if they mean the car off the road for a lengthy period

Rectified Faults and General Repairs

Rear Brake Discs - Worn when bought, fixed by Orchard
Charge Cooler Pump - Replaced the impeller myself after seeing symptoms described on Esprit Fact File web site
Wastegate Actuator replaced sticking unit - Self
Charge Cooler rubber mounts replaced - Self
Replaced Gearbox with Renault 21 Turbo Unit - Self
Lotus Gearbox repaired - by local specialist (The GearboxShop)
Braided clutch line fitted - Self
Clutch slave cylinder and master cylinder seals - Self
Spring inside Clutch master cylinder. - Self
Front brake discs replaced with drilled vented discs from PUK - Self
EBC Greenstuff pads fitted to front - Self
Goodridge hoses fitted to front brakes - Self
Vacuum Pump- Sent to PNM Engineering for repair
New Exhaust Manifold - Self
New Clutch - Self

Known Faults

Wheels have been curbed in the past but not major, need a refurbish

Maintenance and Servicing

Replaced Cam-Belt
Replaced V-Belts
Performed A-Service
Replaced Spark plugs for platinum - Champion