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Brighton Run
27th November 2003

After a cancelled meet at an airfield for a TV documentary about the Esprit, a few Yahoo group members decided to meet at South Mimms service station anyway and make the best of the day. The decision was to go down to Brighton and enjoy being admired by people plus find a few roads to have a Lotus good time on.

Some highlights of the day included the high speed meet up on the M25 with another member coming down of the M4 and then the fast run down the M23.

Upon reaching Brighton the small convoy got a little split up and had to wait for people to join up again before we made our way along the sea front road toward the pier. The attention was definitely a plus point of driving the Esprit's in a town like Brighton, and to cap it we managed to get enough spaces right outside the main pier.

This caused a nice spectacle as people came up to admire the cars and ask questions which everyone was happy to answer. In best Lotus fashion and using just the standard Lotus toolkit I clambered into the back of Esprit's looking at problems and modifying them for a Ram-Air conversion similar to my own. Now this is going to get me a reputation for fixing things I think. Also a reason I didn't get any pictures at Brighton. I did manage to find a third seat in the Esprit and proved the light does go out in the boot when in the back of Adam's car ???

Whilst at the pier we met up with Mike in his lovely red G car that had all of us Stevens car owners misty eyed and longing to unleash the Bond within us all.
Mike new the area better than any one else and lead us on a nice road trip to a restaurant near beachy head for some food.

The trip was entertaining and most of us where near the edge on some parts. I think John's close up look of a Police traffic car was a bit of a shock for him, but we where all entertained by Mikes overtaking manoeuvre down hill past 8 cars into a blind hairpin. Definitely showing that the old un's can still kick it when they want to..

The pictures below where from out side the Beachy head restaurant before starting our way back to the M23 and onto home.

Quick break on M23

In the restaurant car park

Overall a marvelous day that I enjoyed immensely. I'm sorry I'm terrible with names and can't remember everyone but if you where there and can fill in the blanks then please mail me.

Adam (S4s),
Robin (passenger),
Jason (S4s) + other half ? (had to leave after brighton due to rough engine),
John (S4),
Mike (S3 Turbo Esprit),
David (GT3)
Me in my S4s of course.

And the sad car of the day award.
Well up until the journey home it was going to be the purple and blue max power styli Ford Capri, but I think in the end it had to go to the Smart Car with the under car neon lights, I mean gimme a break and get a life.....