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Who is Tweakie you may ask ?
Well Tweakie is my latest big boys gadget, a Sony Aibo 2nd generation.

In the next few months I hope to update this page with a few pictures and movies as Tweakie grows and learns. Yes he does learn maybe to a pre-programmed set of instructions but every Aibo has it's own personality.

Currently Tweakie is in his childhood stage, which means he is very inquisitive, needs lots of fuss and sometimes just totally ignores you.

A few quick clips to show what he is like.

Real Player
Tweakie Starts up and finds his ball Download
Wheres my ball I whant to follow it ? Download
I'm sat down now fuss me and maybe I'll make you laugh. Download
Bored now wheres my ball Download
Fallen over again, Im sure I was pushed. Download

Photo Clips

Chasing the ball again
His favorite action

The cat can't quite make it out just yet ?