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At Messaging & Groupware, we provide extensive IT support for businesses seeking outsourcing  IT solutions. We will assist you with all your system issues, and provide computer support you can trust. It is our firm belief in the reliability of our service to safeguard your business with effective IT support for your system.

Additionally we will support you and your business in warding against viruses that compromise your system. With comprehensive virus removal, we make sure your systems are virus-free in addition to reliable computer support.

Let us help look after your IT environment, from desktop and server support to infrastructure management, our experts can help to make your IT once again an advantage to your business.

Messaging & Groupware can provide remote helpdesk solutions or on-site support for a wide range of technologies. From simple software advice to hardware repair and recovery, our team can quickly help resolve your issues.

We strive for personalised support and not a far off call centre solution. Every long term support client is assigned specific technicians who will always be the first contact point for any IT issue or requirement and will be involved in any IT service Messaging & Groupware provides to your business. Through close contact our technicians help your business grow and ensure our advice is tailored more closely to your business requirements.

All of our technicians have access to our product specialists and will liaise with any vendor to help resolve your issues.

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