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Mail Service

We provide mail services which are customised to your business requirements.

Accessable from anywhere and from multiple devices, you will not be restricted in how you wish to access your mail.

Included in your mail account are the following services:
Secure access sending and recieving mail.
Support for clients on Windows, Mac OSx, Linux, or via browser.
Mobile supported clients on iOS, Andriod, Windows Mobile, Blackberry.
Shared calendar between users.
Shared contacts and address lists.
Shared mail without resending.
Storage usage of 50GB per user across all services.
Auto-archiving to comply with company policies.
Email backup and retention for 30 days.
Sending large files to other mail users via simple links.
Online file storage for documents and other shared files.
Virus scanned and spam checked.
Simple per user pricing for all services available on request.

SPAM Filtering

We can provide our registered users with reports concerning incoming email, showing them successfully blocked email that had been detected by our SPAM filters.

Our mail system shows that we are actively finding SPAM and malicious emails being addressed to our users with an average of 71% of all incoming email reaching our servers being SPAM. And the remaining 29% email being good mail that is sent through successfully to their recipients.

Messaging & Groupware has 99.1% chance success in filtering email. This means that while it is impossible for us to guarantee that all email is labelled as good or SPAM, less than 1% of all incoming email has to be held and checked by us before we action them accordingly.

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