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Worried about the security of your business Mail?

Seen the stories about compromised accounts and lost data and
wonder if it will affect your business?

Looking for options to protect your business data and
intellectual property?

How do you handle data stored on mobile devices or employees
who use their own device?

Is your mail being looked at by a third party without your

The information a business uses and transfers daily can be critical to its operations
and trading efficiency. If the information is being leaked out to competitors or is
removed through a security breach it can have serious financial and trading issues for
the business.

Messaging and Groupware can help your business work securely and minimise any
risk of your data going missing or being seen by other parties.

If you are looking for a new secure solution or wish to tighten your existing environment
we can identify potential holes in security and provide solutions to minimise risk.

Multiple mail clients are available and associated mail systems that can provide high
levels of security when configured correctly. There are benefits of not doing the same
as everyone else as long as your own system is compatible and works to the benefit of
your business.  Keeping your data agile and mobile at the same time as secure can be
achieved with minimal changes in most cases.

If you wish to discuss our secure mail products and solutions please contact us.
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