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Messaging & Groupware specialises in support and consultancy for a very wide range of technologies and systems.

Including spam prevention, at Messaging & Groupware we pridefully offer our effective anti-spam system, one of our core values is reliable, dependable online messaging thats customisable and personalised.

This is a personalised, customisable, anti-spam filtering system that is tailored precisely for you.
50p a month
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Our mail system shows that we are actively finding spam and malicious emails being addressed to our users with an average of 71% of all incoming email reaching our servers being spam. And the remaining 29% email being good mail that is sent through successfully to their recipients.

Messaging & Groupware has 99.9% chance success in filtering email. This means that while it is impossible for us to guarantee that all email is labelled as good or spam, less than 1% of all incoming email has to be held and checked by us before we action them accordingly.