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How You Get Spam
If you have an email address that is open to the public, chances are you are likely to recieve spam, in some cases a person can recieve hundreds of spam emails for every one legitimate email.

This may seem rather obvious, but even with a good spam filter spam messages can still pass through and worse, the good email you are waiting for can sometimes be deleted.

We address these issues with our own spam system (see how our spam filtering works).

The more times your email address is exposed to the public it increases the likelyhood of getting spam, and once a spammer gets a hold of your email address it gets shared with other spammers.

Here are some common causes for spam to be directed at your email address:

- Spammers can deploy spambots, which are search engines that crawl the web specificaly looking for the "@" sign indicating a person's email address.

- Using public forums and chat rooms runs the risk of a spammer acquiring your email address if it is exposed.

- Online 'surveys' which require you to input your email address could actually go straight into the hands of a spammer.

- Dictionary attacks, software which spammers use to open a connection to a mail server and rapidly try millions of email address variations, recording each successful 'hit' for spammers to use.

Unfortunately, once an email address is open to the web, there is always a chance of getting spammed. We know how important it is for online messaging to be reliable and stress-free, and so we want our users to have the very best we can offer in dependable messaging for their business and self interest.