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How It Works
Messaging & Groupware offers customisable, secure email protection, and personalised spam filtering, no software or changes to your email client required.

Before an email reaches your inbox, first it reaches our dedicated spam filtering servers, we scan the email message for spam, viruses, malware, just about every possible malicious content you can think of within an email. We use our unique databases to identify commonalities in spam or anything else that may potentially harm your system.

A great thing about using our service, we can completely configure how spam is identified and suited for you, other than the default configuration that everyone uses.

Our spam filtering system actively learns the types of email you recieve. Further increasing the chance that the spam you are getting is indeed spam and the good emails you are expecting doesn't get hindered by the unlikely event our spam system confuses it as spam.

The content of the email is analysed and by using a history of emails that pass through our spam filtering system and into your inbox.
We determine a common trend associated with you. This personalised filtering is targeted at your specific mail and allows the system to learn email that you personally recieve or wish to block.

In addition, our databases can hold mail for a long period of time, so that you can release any spam message either through the reporting method you have configured or contacting our helpdesk. We can retain email for as long you need, contact us for more details.