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Frequently Asked Questions
Emails are identified as spam through our spam filtering system, we use various filtering techniques that analyse the content of the email using our unique databases and check the sending IP address for a bad reputation for sending spam. For more information see our How It Works page.
How are messages identified as spam?
Is my email still private?
Do I need to install software?
What is a spam report?
What do I do if spam still gets through?
Any email that has been identified through our spam filtering system will be notified to you based upon your personalised configuration, this may include an email report tagging for web page access from the reporting system you may release or lock any email.
No software needs to be installed or changes to your email client is required.
Any email that passes through our system is held securely for only as long as required to analyse the email and either to send on to your mail system or to hold as an indentified spam email.

No email address for other than email is passed on to any third party without the express knowledge of the address owner.

All our systems and services are based in the UK.
How do I use your system?
Using our system will help you change the location it is intially delivered to by using dns mx records, after our system has analysed your mail we can offer a number of ways for you to recieve the clean email, including delivery direct to your mail server, collection via a POP mailbox, or forwarding to a alternative address.
We cannot guarantee one hundred percent, if you are still recieving a excessive amount of spam please contact our helpdesk so that we can help rectify this situation.