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Messaging & Groupware provides consultancy and support on a wide range of technologies and systems. We excel in providing computer support and services, computer repair services, web hosting services, web development, and working as experienced consultants to your business or personal IT enviroment. Utilising our extensive knowledge from our projects for our varied clients. From small independent businesses to international corporations, our aim is to provide impartial advice that will grow our clients businesses and provide long term support to decision makers about the direction of IT within any company.

We are vendor and supplier neutral and will provide you advice tailored to your business requirements and not based on any specific licensing plans or sales based targets. Every company is unique and your specific requirements do not fit within an easily defined box or one solution fits all scenarios. We will always compare your requirements against multiple solutions to provide a comparison and help select the most advantageous result.

We have available experts qualified in major IT technologies that provides a wide comparison of all competing technologies without priority to any one vendor. All of our personnel are trained in multiple technologies and can provide an impartial view or recommendations that are suitable for your company policies or business practices.

The modern IT environment is quickly changing and Messaging & Groupware can help you to ensure that your basic IT infrastructure is adaptable, secure and connectible from varied systems, full viability with new devices, and suitable with industry changes or the needs of your business to change with the market.

Contact us now for independent advice on any of your IT requirements and our consultancy specialists will be happy to discuss your specific IT situation.

Require full unrestricted access to your email that is secure and accessible on all devices?
Messaging & Groupware offers a wide range of email solutions tailored to fit you and your business. Learn more.
Need computer support for your IT environment and systems?
We can provide effective solutions to your IT infrastructure to ensure that a working, advantageous system is in place for your business. Learn more.
Hardware problems? Do you need computer repair?
Our technicians will offer their expertise to fully repair any issue you may have with your computer. Learn more.
Looking for a reliable and affordable web hosting service?
Messaging & Groupware can provide you with many different web hosting options, including our web hosting package, Power of 10.
Is your current anti-spam system smart?
We use in-house systems that use various techniques and artificial intelligence to provide a dynamic anti-spam solution. Learn more.
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