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Frequently Asked Questions

Your data storing hardware can fail.

Whether it's your hard drive or another data storing device, it can fail, files can become corrupt, hardware can become damaged, and all your important and valuable files can become lost. By having a readily available backup of your data, you have the ability to easily restore all of your valuable files from a retained copy.
Why Should I Backup?
I have an external hard drive for backups. Why should I backup offsite?

Your data is safe and secure.

We provide backup servers that are in secure locations, and to ensure that data is always transmitted to you securely, encryption methods are in place to prevent any unauthorised access to your data. Learn more.
How do I delete backup files?

We will not delete or change the files you upload.

We retain all the files you backup, even if it is the same file but as a different version of that file. This is so that users have access to their files of all versions and histories, we provide reliable data storage that has a backlog of all your previously uploaded files.
How are my files secure?
Do I need to install new software?

No new software provided by us is required.